The editorial team received contributions of writings that had never been published in other media. The terms, format and rules, as well as writing procedures can be seen in the writing instructions. The submitted articles will be reviewed by the editorial board to assess their eligibility.

Provisions of text delivery:

  1. The manuscript based on research or literature review (not just a reflection or opinion);
  2. The manuscript is the author's original scientific and does not contain elements of plagiarism;
  3. The manuscripts can be written in three languages (Indonesian, English, and Arabic);
  4. The manuscript uses standard terms and language that is good, correct and scientific.
  5. The manuscript must contain information on education and teacher studies by promoting the concept of tamaddun melayu:
  6. The manuscript is typed according to the template provided in the article template menu or this link.
  7. Citation, references, tables and figures follow the provisions in the guidelines for writing scientific papers or directly imitate the procedures for articles that have been published;
  8. All manuscripts are reviewed anonymously by peer-reviews partners appointed by the editor based on their scientific fields. The author of the article is given the opportunity to make improvements (revisions) to the manuscript based on recommendations/suggestions from reviewers or editors;
  9. Everything related to licensing and citation or use of computer software for manuscripts or other matters carried out by the author of the article is the full responsibility of the author of the article;
  10. Unpublished articles will not be returned, except at the request of the author.