Editing Services

Pre-submission and research communication services to support your publication

Do you need help preparing your manuscript for submission to a journal and then promoting your published article to a wider audience? SALEE Journal offers a full range of services to take care of tidying up your manuscript and maximizing impact so you can devote time to your research.

English Language Editing

Our English language editing services let you focus on what you do best – research. We review your manuscript to ensure the language you’ve used makes sense and is clear, and check for spelling, grammar, syntax, tense, and sentence structure.

Translation with Editing

We help you overcome any language barriers by translating your article into English and editing it thoroughly, so that you can submit it to an English-language journal with confidence.

Scientific Editing

Our Scientific Editing service is designed to offer you an in-depth critique of your research, significantly improve the readability of your paper, and help you ensure that your journal submission meets the high standards of academic publishing.