TANJAK is a traditional Malay headband that points upwards. The value of tanjak is believed by the Malay community as a symbol of strength, enthusiasm, education and others. To improve means to maintain the morale of the workers and maintain morale. The name "Tanjak" is used in education and teacher training journals as a form of nurturing the soul and education of the nation's children. With education, enthusiasm can be achieved, with the strength of education will be achieved, and with education will give birth to a noble civilization. 

The Tanjak Journal wants to be part of the effort to achieve this big hope. Therefore, the journal Tanjak also invites all educators, researchers, lecturers and education practitioners to participate in contributing their papers to contribute to the nation and state. It is even more special if the study is related to education in the Malay world. The Tanjak Journal will be published twice a year in February and August.